Top 5 Work from Home Jobs India 2021

If you are excited about the option of working from home, you will find many perks and advantages that will come along. You can start earning money from day one and without any traveling, you can make handsome money if you have work from home job! In today’s post, we are going to mention the top 5 work from home jobs that you can start immediately without much hassle. As networking and the internet keeps on getting larger, the demands for internet jobs are also increasing rather quickly. If you look at the statistics, you will come to know a huge increase in the demand for the people looking for the option to work from home. So, let us make this task a bit simple for you and jump to our top 5 work from home opportunities that you will not want to miss out on.

Top 5 work from home Jobs India 2021

  • Business development: Yes, it is an amazing career option that you must not ignore if you are the marketing and sales expert & love talking to people. The work requires you to interact with various people and convey your message in the correct way. For some people, the business development career option might be a bit challenging due to the responsibility of getting in new business daily and needs continuous follow-ups, patients, and luck. You are the best fit for this job if you have good verbal and written communication skills, effective marketing, sales, and management skills, able to understand the customer’s industry & core business processes, and analysis business justification & closing skills. Though there is a huge growth in this work and it depends upon how you can handle, materialize, and bring in high closures. Business Development Managers will be responsible for managing the business prospect of an enterprise. They should identify increasing business opportunities and develop long-term relations with their prospects. It is required to improve company revenue and increase profits.Business managers or developers help the organization to become successful. They rely on theory, knowledge, and experience for helping businesses to expand. They will evaluate business performance and find out ways to reach their complete potential.Here is a Work from Home opportunity (Job/Internship) for Business Development Enthusiasts

  • Recruitment
    The second option for work from home career is a recruitment and this is one industry that easily adapts to this culture of home working. We will check out a few reasons why home working is simple for recruitment agencies compared to other businesses or industries. Some remote recruiters are employed by the recruiting companies and work in-office, but, many can still work from home. 
    • Screening of a candidate can easily be done on the phone
    • Recruiters communicate with the clients via email and virtual chats and can be managed from home.
    • Recruiters just need a phone and computer for doing their jobMany other professions do not have such luxury to be so flexible when it comes to location, so we must count ourselves a bit lucky and must not be afraid of putting home working in practice. It is easy to track recruiter productivity on the internet. A key responsibility of a recruiter will be searching the right candidates for the relevant profile, understanding the complete recruitment process, scheduling the interview, coordinate with the candidates and company till joining and responsible for sourcing, screening & shortlisting the right candidates for the job. A recruiter needs to have good command over the English language, requires good communication skills, and must adapt quickly.Work from Home Job for Recruitment Professionals

  • SEO Specialist
    SEO Specialist is a need of an hour and is increasing quickly in today’s work from home scenario. Everybody wants to rank first on Google and for this, they need the help of an SEO specialist. What does this work involve? The work is all about taking projects from the clients and improves their organic traffic. To prove your skills in this field, it is important to have the verified track record to get a good number of clients. Though SEO Specialist does not need any particular degree or certification, but, it is important to have good knowledge and experience in this field. You need to have a real interest in the SEO and digital marketing field must have a strong online profile, a better understanding of Search Engines, customer search patterns, and experience in HTML coding, preferably, PHP and Javascript.

  • Content Writing
    Content writing or article writing is one of the most admired works from home professions today. Content writers are in huge demand for writing web content, ad copies, blogs, stories, and more, and recruiters are looking out for the right people who have got expertise and skills in this field. If you have a good grab of English language and grammar, and innovative writing style, and ready to research on various topics and write most appealingly, then this work from a job is a perfect fit for you.Although most of the bigger websites or companies have got in-house professional writers, many websites outsource their writing work and hire remote writers for their writing tasks. Having good experience in writing will prove very helpful, but what can take you ahead is your ambition, drive, and ability to find a unique angle on various events that happen daily.To get hired, you may need a good portfolio of your work and some writing samples that you can attach to your resume. If you are choosing this profession, it is important to have a very good grasp of English and grammar and able to write on various topics. Even knowledge of SEO and HTML can prove very helpful to you 

  • Social Media Marketing
    Last but not least is social media marketing, though it has become highly important for businesses to have a strong presence over social media. And if you have a good knack for using different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can stay home and earn a living by helping the businesses to reach out, connect and endorse their products or services by social-media marketing.A key responsibility of a social media manager includes developing proper social media strategy and goals to improve brand awareness & engagement, handle various social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, manage campaigns to promote your brand and organization and more.Social media specialists can also make money through consulting and training. Though there aren’t any set qualifications of becoming the social media expert, many entrants have a degree. This field is open for everyone from any discipline; however, the following subjects will be quite helpful:
    • Marketing (mostly digital marketing)
    • Media & communications
    • Business management
    • Public relations.

Final Thoughts 

Work from home choice can be empowering, exciting, and also profitable, given that you are aware of its pros and cons. Doesn’t matter if you are the company part-timer, full-timer, or freelancer who does not hit office on some days, it is a good way to escape your daily grind. However, there are some added duties with this freedom, and not to mention foresight, planning, focus, and self-discipline. And, of course, hours of hard work.