Top 5 mistakes can easily avoid while writing a professional resume

1. Personal Pictures

Don’t add a picture of yourself on the resume as this is only appropriate for models, actors, and performers. Including a picture of yourself makes your application prone to the same bias that could affect a recruiter’s judgement when they read personal details about you.

If the resume template you’ve downloaded includes a placeholder for a picture, simply delete it.

2. Cliches and Words You Should Not Use in a Resume

Recruiters read hundreds of resumes every day, so it makes sense that they also see a lot of the same words they start to become clichés. Words like “creative,” “specialize” “results-oriented” are so overused, they’re now considered clichés on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Replace these words with a different, not-so-overused synonym, or better yet, write about what makes you “creative” or “results-oriented” instead. Read this Hubspot article on how to replace common buzzwords found on LinkedIn profiles and resumes.

3. Typos and Grammar Mistakes

You could’ve gotten an interview, but the recruiter was turned off because of an incorrect verb tenses or you wrote “your” instead of “you’re.” The sad part is this is easily avoidable.

Always read your resume out loud before sending it, so you can spot typos and grammar errors before it costs you a job.

4. Adding Negative or Questionable Work Experience

Don’t ever include employers who fired you for poor performance, attendance issues, or personal matters

5. Work Email Address

Don’t use an unprofessional email address like, and don’t ever use your work email address for your job search. The recruiter might think you’re job hunting during work hours and assume that you do a lot of personal tasks while on the clock.

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